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As of December 1, 2014, We can no longer accept returns for custom embroidered apparel.  All apparel that you choose a logo for on the item page is considered a custom order. 

If you received the wrong size shirt for the order due to our mistake, we will replace the shirt at no cost to you. We will arrange a call tag with UPS to pick up the wrong shirts (unworn) and replacements will be sent at our expense.

Website Usage:

This website is for the sole use by Dunkin' Donuts franchisees and Dunkin Donuts employees.  You must enter a valid PC# for the order to be processed.  If you are not a Dunkin' Donuts employee and do not enter a valid PC#, you will be notified that the order will not be processed and your order will therefore be cancelled.  If you are looking for Dunkin' Donuts logo merchandise, please contact your local Dunkin' Donuts or visit the shop at

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs calculated on this website are approximate.  The calculations are made based upon the weight of the number of items you are ordering and the location the order is shipping to.  In instances where a large quantity of merchandise is ordered, the site will not calculate the shipping accurately due to the heaviness of the order.  In those cases, the shipping will be charged accordingly.  (Example:  500 frisbees and 500 beachballs - will not calculate shipping due to the heaviness of the order and number of boxes needed to fulfill the order).

Free Shipping Offer:

Free shipping is offered for those who are ordering at least 10 crew shirts and manager shirts in the Crew and Manager sections.  To qualify for the free shipping, all 10 or more pieces must ship TOGETHER in one shipment.  Multiple shipments for blank and decorated merchandise will not benefit from the free shipping offer.

UPS Chargebacks:

UPS will charge $12.00 per box that is shipped for the wrong information being entered in the shipping screen.  If UPS has to change ANY part of the address (for instance, wrong zip code entered or missing ROAD, DRIVE, STREET etc), they charge $12.00 to change it to the correct address.  This is happening on a regular basis and we will now be charging the $12.00 back to you the customer.  We will charge the $12.00 chargeback to the credit card that you provided and we will show send you a PAID invoice along with the UPS proof of the change.